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Revolution: from the Latin revolutio, a turn around.

A woman tells me a dream in which she is invited to join the revolution of “she is worth her time.” Apparently, for this woman a revolution is in the making. A movement toward change is about to occur. She has been issued an invitation. She is cordially invited to attend the revolution within her own psyche. It is the revolution of “she is worth her time.”

The wording is funny. Dreams are like that. They don’t just come out and say—“you need to feel that you are worthy of your own time.” They make this funny point that causes us to smile and nod and feel some tingling sense of “yes.” And yet this dream is also speaking of a revolution. Please join us, the dream says. It asks nicely. But make no mistake, the revolution will occur, has been brewing for awhile no doubt. It will take place.

Revolutions are not usually quiet, gentle transfers of power. They are powerful upheavals—whether in the world or in the psyche. Something has been denied for too long. It wants out—wants to be included in the conversation. The dominant paradigm—the habitual outlook and behavior—has grown old and stale. There are forces afoot that demand a turn around.

Nothing is sacred to an unlived life.

And we all have unlived lives. We all have parts that have been neglected, untended, unrecognized. In this case, the issue is one of worth—do we feel worth our time? Do we give time and space to the things that matter to us, that feed us, that allow us to feel alive and connected to ourselves? Or have we become lopsided, too much focused upon others, outer needs, status quo?

When I was in my early forties I had just such a lopsided life. I had a dream in which I encountered a huge snake on the path where I usually walk. The snake was enormous, enormous and powerful. It shook me to my bones. I felt as though something deep and ancient had come to call upon me. The ripple effect from that dream and the events that followed changed my life. I began to live from a different place.

For me the revolution was about creativity. I was called to make my creative life more of a priority. Perhaps the same is true for this woman. In reality, she is very fortunate. She is being “told” by the dream that a huge change/upheaval wants to take place. She is being given advance notice. She is even being informed about what needs to change. That is to say: she must recognize that “she is worth her time.”

To have a dream speak this clearly is a gift. But all dreams are, in fact, a gift. They are gems of intuition and guidance offered to us by the wisdom of the psyche. It is up to us to unwrap them and hold them close to our hearts—to feel the pulse of our own lives.


Where do you sense the revolution wanting to occur in your life? Listen to your dreams. Allow them to inspire you, to deepen you, to help you question the place from which you habitually live.


  1. Thank you so much for these invigorating posts, Barbara. I will be thinking of howling and joining the revolution as I fall asleep tonight. I can’t find a way to sign up to receive notification when you post a new blog. Perhaps that’s a coming attraction.

  2. Thanks Elaine. To subscribe, click on “posts” at top of page, Barbara